Inflation’s Problems explained well

Inflation Illustration<br>Credit: Jeb

Inflation Illustration
Credit: Jeb

Here’s a very clear article in (relatively) plain English explaining problems with the Cosmological Inflation conjecture by Sean Carroll in Discovery Magazine.

While I disagree with the author’s conclusion that the final ingredients of a “settled” cosmology hypothesis will include Inflation, this article is very well summarized, explained and organized.

I especially appreciate his diplomatic manner of explaining how Multiverse concepts, (and invoking Inflation itself) may evaporate when held up to physics and physical reality, his comparison of fine-tuning for Big Bang and Inflation, and his revealing sentiments about the problems illustrated.

Inflation Satire, Credit Abstruse Goose

Inflation Satire, Credit Abstruse Goose

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4 Responses to Inflation’s Problems explained well

  1. Ant. Thompson says:

    I believe in the Copernicus Theory. We are confused by our particular point of observation.

    Furthermore, too much in love with our own mathematics. Inflation theory is nothing more than a patch. As is Dark Mass and Dark Energy. According to the latest theories, we should know where the centre of reality started from, some 13.8 billion years ago. No-one dares point to it.

  2. John says:

    The new Scientific American also throws more doubt to this theory.
    It would be nice if the site make a good summary.

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