Top Ten Big Bang Myths: Talk for NZ Dunedin Astronomical Society

Veil Nebula

Veil Nebula

I’m invited to give my talk “Top Ten Big Bang Myths” for New Zealand’s Dunedin Astronomical Society founded in 1910.

This is the newest version of the talk I gave at MIRA and Perth.

Media Release:

Dunedin NZ,  Feb 4, 2019: Dunedin Astronomical Society is hosting a free talk – Top Ten Big Bang Myths Feb 5th, 2019 at 8:00 pm, presented by visiting cosmologist and Editor of, David Dilworth of Carmel, California.

“Big Bang is the most popular Cosmology model but it is widely misunderstood.Dilworth will illustrate and explain some of Big Bang’s biggest misapprehensions and clarify what Big Bang cosmologists actually claim. He will draw from his Glossary of Cosmology Principles which is among the most popular on the web.

David said “We’ll discuss how just like modern coffee (mocha frappe, lattachino — with or without whipped cream or cinnamon), Big Bang has a huge menu of choices. We’ll also examine the difference between recession and expansion, and clarify a bunch of other inspiring ideas.

The public is welcome to the talk which will take place at the Dunedin Beverly Begg Observatory in Robin Hood Park in the Belleknowes part of Dunedin.

For those who wish to get an introduction to astronomy, the Society has a Beginners Education series. The Society is also known for a member taking the first image of the 1987 Supernova !

Come and join us Feb 5th 2019 8:00 pm in Dunedin.


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