Good Fun: For Two Years an Article here Voted One of Best Science Articles of the Year

Writing Award 2011 3 Quarks DailyWriting Award 2012 3 Quarks DailyFor the second year in a row an article from this website was voted one of the best science blog articles of the year at 3-Quarks Daily. This is thanks to friends, colleagues and you readers.

This year articles from two authors on were nominated:


Observation of two early yet mature galaxies: Rare objects or is Big Bang model inaccurate?” by the brilliant Louis Marmet of Canada’s National Research Council,

Mature Galaxies - Too Far and

my own “Cosmic Microwave Angular Resolution Surprise.” Both articles gathered many more votes than several articles from Scientific American.

Last year the article “International Astronomical Union has no Definition for Big Bang” was not only nominated – it was the third most popular in the public voting.

Such a nice feeling to have friends who appreciate my writing enough to nominate it and vote for it; c’est “Hotissimo” as my dear friend Paula would say.

I am thrilled and very appreciative.

Thank you.

Its no big secret that holding a contest is a way to attract people to your project, work or website. Well, after you enjoy their contest, and when you get a moment from your overly busy daily life (and of course perused all the fantastic articles on this website) – you might take a browse at the website that hosts this contest — 3-Quarks has intriguing high quality articles on Science, Philosophy, Politics, and Arts & Literature.

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