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The Universe’s children: Born as lively teenagers and older than their parents!

(c) Copyright 2013 Louis MarmetThe WMAP estimate of the age of the Universe, 13.77 ± 0.06 Gyr (billion years), is challenged once again by two recent publications. The study of a nearby star shows that it is older than the … Continue reading

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Can Dark Money Theory Explain World Economic Crisis? (spoof)

Here’s a fun article comparing the claims that 96% of the Universe (matter and energy) is missing according to Big Bang conjecture and that 96% of the world’s cash that is missing due to derivatives.

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Stars or Sand? Are there more Grains of Beach Sand or Stars in our Visible Universe?

This began as a simple question, but it has intrigued enough people that I decided to feature it as an article and expand it so we can have some fun. _____________Carol Charming: “I have heard people say that there are … Continue reading

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