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Is the search for “Dark Matter” over ? Gigantic amounts of missing matter found hiding as faint Red Dwarf stars.

Yes. The search for “Dark Matter” is over. Its been found thanks to the van Dokkum and Conroy team. We can all go celebrate, and then get back to work. And it was staring us right in the face all … Continue reading

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Dark Matter Missing in Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies – after thorough searches

Gigantic pillars of Big Bang are creaking and starting to collapse like colossal dominoes. These are tumultuous times in Cosmology. Recently I described how the “The voice you hear getting louder is Brünnhilde practicing Götterdämmerung” in describing the fruitless and … Continue reading

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Elusive Dark Matter Idea Evaporating

NewScientist reports that “NASA’s FERMI satellite has confirmed a previous hint that there is more antimatter than expected coming from space. The bad news is that the result strongly almost certainly rules out Dark Matter as the source.”

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New Record for Directly Measuring Astronomical Distances beyond our Local Supercluster – 450 million light years – with only 9% uncertainty

The new record for the farthest object whose distance was directly measured is 450 million light years with an uncertainty of no more than 9 percent. Our Milky Way galaxy is only 100,000 light years across. 450 million light years … Continue reading

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