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Gigantic Voids are Expanding and Shrinking

Very few researchers are studying our Universe’s largest structures, but here’s a nice analysis of Voids,  some of the largest structures “we’ve” found so far. Voids are nearly spherical regions of our universe with few galaxies. They can be described … Continue reading

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Key Cosmology Experiments: Original Papers-Full Text. Part 1

One hundred years ago this Spring, the first article on galaxy Spectral-line Redshifts was published by Vesto Slipher which dramatically changed cosmology. However, few have ever read this original paper, or the several other articles and books considered cosmology landmarks … Continue reading

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Dark Matter Missing in Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies – after thorough searches

Gigantic pillars of Big Bang are creaking and starting to collapse like colossal dominoes. These are tumultuous times in Cosmology. Recently I described how the “The voice you hear getting louder is Brünnhilde practicing Götterdämmerung” in describing the fruitless and … Continue reading

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Unpredictable Motion of Planets and Galaxies (Celestial Mechanics)

(c) Copyright 2012-2016 David Dilworth  Many science afficianadoes assume we can accurately predict the future locations of planets in our solar system. It appears as though our many planets make completely predictable orbits . . . and Kepler figured out … Continue reading

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Observation of Two Early yet Mature Galaxies: Rare objects or is Big Bang model inaccurate?

(c) Copyright 2011 Louis Marmet News Flash: (June 12, 2012) This article was just nominated as one of the best science blog articles of the past year at 3-Quarks Daily. In voting it just missed getting in the top 20 … Continue reading

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Universe Maps (inspire look for our nearest non-solar planet)

Here’s a very good set of maps of our Universe. It starts with maps of our solar system, then, in steps, it covers larger and larger volumes of space. Here you go — “Map of Our Universe”

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Rubber Rulers: Fundamental Astrophysics Distance Tool Not Constant

News: A fundamental astrophysics distance tool called Cepheid stars are newly discovered to vary in brightness and mass with age. “Everything crumbles in cosmology studies if you don’t start up with the most precise measurements of Cepheids possible,” said Cepheid … Continue reading

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