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Louis Marmet is a research scientist in experimental physics dedicated to precision spectroscopic measurements, quantum effects and fundamental physics. His background is in nonlinear optics and optical cooling. He works on developing atomic clocks to obtain a physical realization of the international SI second. He is currently improving on a primary time standard which does not lose or gain more than a millionth of a second in 5 years. His lifelong interest in physics, astronomy and mathematics and the philosophy of science taught by his father, Paul Marmet, are very important in his research.

The Universe’s children: Born as lively teenagers and older than their parents!

(c) Copyright 2013 Louis MarmetThe WMAP estimate of the age of the Universe, 13.77 ± 0.06 Gyr (billion years), is challenged once again by two recent publications. The study of a nearby star shows that it is older than the … Continue reading

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Oldest Spiral galaxy BX442 supports Hubble’s belief: Redshift does not mean expansion

(c) Copyright 2012 Louis Marmet A team of astronomers have reported the discovery of the oldest spiral galaxy known so far. What makes this discovery interesting is that this grand-design spiral galaxy already existed 3 billion years after the Big … Continue reading

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Observation of Two Early yet Mature Galaxies: Rare objects or is Big Bang model inaccurate?

(c) Copyright 2011 Louis Marmet News Flash: (June 12, 2012) This article was just nominated as one of the best science blog articles of the past year at 3-Quarks Daily. In voting it just missed getting in the top 20 … Continue reading

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