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New Galaxy Redshift Distance Record (z=11) Seriously Threatens Big Bang models

A new record distance to a huge galaxy named GN-z11 has been observed and measured. It is dramatically farther than the previous distance holder. The constantly amazing Hubble Space telescope measured its distance spectroscopically at a Spectral line Redshift of … Continue reading

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Your Cosmology Hypotheses Invited

This is an invitation for you to submit your own Cosmology hypotheses for publication on this website. You should get thoughtful responses from the several thousand readers of this website.

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New Record for Directly Measuring Astronomical Distances beyond our Local Supercluster – 450 million light years – with only 9% uncertainty

The new record for the farthest object whose distance was directly measured is 450 million light years with an uncertainty of no more than 9 percent. Our Milky Way galaxy is only 100,000 light years across. 450 million light years … Continue reading

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