Dark Matter Missing in Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies – after thorough searches

You're Out  !

Dark Matter — You’re Out !

Gigantic pillars of Big Bang are creaking and starting to collapse like colossal dominoes. These are tumultuous times in Cosmology. Recently I described how the “The voice you hear getting louder is Brünnhilde practicing Götterdämmerung” in describing the fruitless and essentially completed search for Higgs Bosons. (Update: See “Did CERN Find a Higgs ? Well not quite. But they probably found a New Particle ! and extended their funding for years“) Well, now the hypothesis called “Dark Matter” is facing a similar fate. What a contrast with a mere five years ago when both Dark Matter and Higgs Bosons were expected to be found rapidly. A research group from University of Chile led by Moni Bidin looked carefully at the historical motions of some 400 nearby stars (up to 13,000 light years away) and found zero evidence that their motions are influenced in any way that could be attributed to the idea called Dark Matter.

Meanwhile a Russian researcher, Igor Karachentsev, looked at eleven thousand nearby galaxies to see where Dark Matter might be found around our galaxy (“Missing Dark Matter in the Local Universe“) – again finding nothing.

So if the Dark Matter conjecture is headed for the showers, then what’s going on with galaxy rotation curves? Though the mainstream science media never reported it, in 2008, two researchers (James Feng and Charles Gallo) recalculated the galaxy mass distribution vs spin and found – Gasp! that there was no problem explaining galaxy rotation curves with with ordinary Newtonian gravity and dynamics using only known visible matter.

Charles Gallo said — “We have shown that Galactic Rotation data can be described with Newtonian Gravity and Newtonian Dynamics without ‘Massive Peripheral Spherical Halos of Mysterious Dark Matter around Rotating Disk Galaxies’ and without MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics).”

“Our studies only obviate the need for the standard unjustified concept of ‘Massive Peripheral Spherical Halos of Mysterious Dark Matter around Rotating Disk Galaxies’.”

So Dark Matter is simply not needed to explain galaxy rotations. Plain-vanilla ordinary gravity is all that is going on. Dark Matter — R.I.P. ?


Nearby dark-matter-free zone poses cosmic conundrum, by Lisa Grossman, 20 April 2012 (It includes a video of where the dark matter would appear if it were visible (and if it existed).)

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List of other Dark Matter Problems:

Problems Created by the Dark Matter Hypothesis

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