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New Galaxy Redshift Distance Record (z=11) Seriously Threatens Big Bang models

A new record distance to a huge galaxy named GN-z11 has been observed and measured. It is dramatically farther than the previous distance holder. The constantly amazing Hubble Space telescope measured its distance spectroscopically at a Spectral line Redshift of … Continue reading

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Gigantic Voids are Expanding and Shrinking

Very few researchers are studying our Universe’s largest structures, but here’s a nice analysis of Voids,  some of the largest structures “we’ve” found so far. Voids are nearly spherical regions of our universe with few galaxies. They can be described … Continue reading

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Is the search for “Dark Matter” over ? Gigantic amounts of missing matter found hiding as faint Red Dwarf stars.

Yes. The search for “Dark Matter” is over. Its been found thanks to the van Dokkum and Conroy team. We can all go celebrate, and then get back to work. And it was staring us right in the face all … Continue reading

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Accelerating Universe ? — Not so Fast*

Maybe the rush to embrace an Accelerating Universe and Dark Energy was a bit too hasty. New analysis shows that the rulers used to measure Supernova 1A brightness curves were unknowingly measuring two different types of Supernova 1As (1) with … Continue reading

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